Ministry Striving to Manage COVID-19 Induced Food Supply Chain Disruptions

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Ministry of Agriculture has been challenge mitigation and variation measures to deal with food supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19.

The ministry revealed that agricultural productiveness in 2020/21 harvest season may want to fall with the aid of eight percent.

Agriculture State Minister, Sani Redi instructed ENA that the rural quarter could be tormented by COVID-19 caused movement regulations and logistic services along with the supply of agricultural inputs like fertilizer and improved seeds.

Recalling the 379 million quintals harvested in 2019/20 crop season in the united states, he stated the once a year yield ought to fall with the aid of eight percent unless corrective measures are taken quick.

“Our agricultural sports want exhaustive hard work force in any respect tiers. Therefore, there will be reduction of availability and put off of well timed distributions of agricultural inputs, scarcity of labor, disruption of present social collaboration among smallholding farmers because of the restrictions in location,” Sani elaborated.

Therefore, the country has been challenge measures to fill the distance through strengthening agricultural mechanization and growing awareness amongst extension people and farmers, he added.

According to him, the ministry has organized 1.7 million hectare extra land for cultivation throughout the u . S . A . As a part of the mitigation degree.

The cultivation of the additional land will help decrease he food lack of confidence and withstand the worldwide meals supply chain disruption, the country minister said, adding that Ethiopia imports 20 million quintals of agricultural crops yearly.

Sani pointed out that “there would be a COVID-19 related worst situation round the sector, which especially threatens agriculture and food security of least evolved international locations. Here in Ethiopia, we have a higher agricultural ecology by way of a ways, and we are striving difficult to fill the space.”

The state minister cited that COVID-19 is a good possibility for the u . S . As it could supply agricultural products to the Middle East, that’s a leading agricultural products importing location.

“The region is depending on outside supply for meals, and international locations are lowering exports due to the pandemic, which means we are able to penetrate the market, in particular the livestock market, if we take advantage of our agricultural capability completely,” Sani explained.

Finally, he called on all stakeholder to guide farmers this crop season to maximize productivity.

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